Is It Time for a Home Electrical Inspection?

A proper home electrical inspection routine makes certain all wires and appliances are in good working order, reducing the risk of accidents. However, circumstances change. Here are a few specific occasions that should trigger a home electrical inspection.

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Practical Winter Electric Tips Everyone Should Know

We depend largely on our furnaces and space heaters to keep our homes warm and cozy during winter. While it’s true that electricity usage can spike substantially with all the heating appliances in use, it’s essential to be familiar with recommendations that illustrate how we can reduce overall electricity costs as well as staying safe.

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Electrical Safety Tips for Parents & Kids, in the J&A South Park blog.
Electrical Safety Tips for Parents

Whether you’re a parent working from home or a family member, friend or neighbor helping with childcare, here are some electrical safety tips to keep young kids out of harm’s way of the electric devices and outlets around your home, both inside and out.

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