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How Much Does a New Circuit Breaker Panel Installation or Replacement Cost in West Mifflin, PA?

It’s not uncommon for a new West Mifflin, Pennsylvania homeowner to come across an outdated circuit panel that requires an upgrade when they purchase a new home. These old circuit panels may only hold 20 or 40 amps, while the average West Mifflin, Pennsylvania home these days requires at least 100 amps, and we’re starting to see more panels with 200+ amps. Although installing a new circuit panel can be costly, the expert electricians at J&A Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric will help assess your electricity needs to find the most reasonable & affordable solution for you. Some factors that can affect the overall cost of a new circuit panel Installation include:

Purchase of a New Circuit Breaker Panel

After calling on one of our professionally certified electricians for a home inspection of your electrical needs, choosing a new circuit panel is the next step. With different sizes, units for indoors & outdoors combinable with the meter, and a range of available circuit spaces, it’s best to get the input of an expert circuit breaker panel electrician about what choice is best.

Appropriate Electrical Service Upgrade

If you decide to upgrade to a larger electrical service flow, you’ll need to ensure you have your local West Mifflin, theme_company_state] utility come out & install a different power supply or meter upgrade. Severe problems can stem from a panel with too little or too much electricity than it was designed for. Call J&A Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric today, and we can assist in ensuring your power flow is setup correctly.

Repair Existing & Installing New Wiring

If you’re replacing an electric circuit panel in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, it may require drilling & other carpentry to arrange for adequate access to the newly installed circuit panel. It may also require adding wiring to link any new sub-panels that are added. Sub-panels are necessary when a single circuit breaker panel cannot cover an entire home and are essentially mini circuit panels.

No matter what your home electricity needs are, our West Mifflin, Pennsylvania expert installation electricians will help you determine your electricity & circuit breaker panel needs and give you expert advice on your electrical panel installation before any work is done. You’ll know exactly what solution is best for your home’s circuit panel upgrade.

Think you’re ready for an electric panel upgrade in your West Mifflin, Pennsylvania home, but not sure how to begin? Ask an expert from J&A Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric below for fast answers & get reliable service your neighbors trust!


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Is your home’s Circuit Breaker experiencing issues? J&A Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric is the trusted name in West Mifflin, PA Circuit Breaker Installation services near you.

What should I know about circuit breaker locking systems?

Circuit breaker locking systems can be useful for securing the circuit breaker system in any area accessible to others, but does compromise safety matters. Circuit breaker locking systems can either be in on or off mode. While there are benefits to circuit breaker locking systems like their ability to potentially prevent electrical fires or other mishaps, in such an instance, until you can physically unlock the breaker, the power will remain off. Off hand, this might not seem to be such a big deal, but if there is someone in your household who needs medical equipment that requires constant power, this poses a serious threat. If you’re installing a circuit breaker locking system, call J&A Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric to consult with an electrical expert on whether or not circuit breaker locking systems are appropriate for your home.

What is a fusible switch?

A fusible switch is what was more commonly used before circuit breakers were around. Fusible switches can still often be found in older homes. Fusible switches contain a fuse that protects your home and appliances from being damaged in cases of electrical overload. If your home still utilizes a fusible switch and you are thinking of replacing it with circuit breakers, give J&A Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric a call to consult with an electrical expert who can assess your home, power needs, and offer a price quote.

How many circuit breakers can I add to my breaker box?

How many additional circuit breakers you can add to your breaker box depends on a few things. Firstly, you will need to analyze how much physical space there is on your breaker box. If there is minimal space left, you can remove some of the metal punch-out panels to create more room on your breaker box. If there are no more of these spaces left, you have a full circuit breaker panel and additional circuit breakers cannot be installed. Alternatively, you can put in what is called a sub panel to accommodate the additional circuit breakers. Lastly, and most importantly, you must check your electrical panel to see how many breakers or other brands it is rated to handle. Do not exceed the maximum capacity of your breaker box even if you have the additional room to install more. If you are wanting to add additional circuit breakers to your breaker box, it is best to have a professional electrician from J&A Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric install them, as they have the skills and experience on how to do so.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take When Installing Circuit Breakers?

It is important to follow all safety measures and recommendations when dealing with electrical circuits, including wearing protective clothing and eyewear, making sure that the power is off before working on the wiring, and paying attention to both local codes and manufacturer’s instructions. It is also a good idea to consult with a professional electrician to ensure the job is completed safely and correctly.

What Should I Do If My Circuit Breaker Trips?

If you discover that your circuit breaker has tripped, don’t fret. There is likely a simple solution to the problem. First, locate the circuit breaker panel and open it. You’ll want to look for the switch that is in the “off” position. It will be situated between two other switches that are in the “on” position. Once you’ve identified the tripped breaker, switch it to “off” and then back to “on.” This will reset the circuit breaker.

How Can I Locate a Qualified Electrician to Repair My Circuit Breaker?

When it comes to electrical repairs and installations, the most important question is: who can do them for you? A qualified electrician has the know-how and experience that’s necessary when dealing with potentially dangerous wiring, so it’s best to leave this job to a professional. To find an experienced and reliable electrician in your area, start by asking family and friends for recommendations.

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Is your home Circuit Breaker experiencing issues? J&A Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric is the trusted name in West Mifflin Circuit Breaker Installation services near you.

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