About J and A Service Experts

Experts in Service. Experts in Satisfaction.

With a team of experienced trade professionals and a commitment to excellence, J&A Service Experts is your one-stop-shop for residential HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical services. Our highly trained technicians stand ready to assist homeowners with anything from repairs to equipment replacement and do-it-yourself improvement projects. Our broad service offering means that you call just one company to handle your wide-ranging needs. J&A Service Experts serves more homes in Western Pennsylvania than any similar service providers in our area. We maintain a fleet of over 50 service vehicles so that we can offer convenient appointment times throughout the majority of Allegheny, Butler, and Washington Counties.


Why Choose J and A Service Experts

J&A Service Experts has been creating high quality solutions for homeowners in Pittsburgh since 1993.  It started with heating and cooling.  Plumbing was added 2000.  Electrical was added in 2014 to complete the offering.  In 2021, J&A Service Experts partnered with Apex Service Partners, joining a network of over 100 HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing businesses across the country.  Our connection allows us to bring the best equipment, best technology, and best practices from across the industry to your door.

Lastly, J&A is proud to support our tradesmen and tradeswomen.  We believe in elevating the importance of the trades in Pittsburgh.  We support ongoing career development and training for even our most senior technicians (both hard and soft skills).  We also work with several vocational programs in the area and constantly offer training and internships for the most junior.  Our team is living proof that skilled tradespeople can have a successful, meaningful career with or without a college education.  

Our Services:

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