J&A South Park of Pittsburgh, PA, Donates Free Furnace to Veteran Just in Time for the 2020 Holidays

J&A Warms the Heart & Home of a Local Veteran

J&A Donates Free Furnace to Veteran Just in Time for the Holidays

As the cold winter begins to settle in, a local Army veteran ran out of heat in his home. As soon as J&A heard about the hero in need, they delivered. The team drove to Monongahela, PA and installed a brand new furnace in his home to provide the gift of a warm home for the holidays.

Stewart Battle is an Army veteran who fought in Iraq. He is a single father of three children. Due to the pandemic, Battle is also not currently employed. When his furnace suddenly stopped working, he began using space heaters as a temporary solution. He said his children would snuggle up under blankets doing their school work with space heaters surrounding them. Despite the circumstances, Battle said he had faith things would turn around, and they certainly did.


J&A found out about Stewart Battle and his story through Operation Troop Appreciation, and planned the install within just a couple days of learning about Battle’s situation.

Upon arrival, J&A met the family and began installing the TRANE 95% efficient 100,000 BTU furnace with necessary duct adaptions.



Owner Anthony Passatore commented, “It feels good to give back, especially this time of the year, and it’s been a rough, rough year for everybody.”

Additionally, J&A team member John Gallagher said, “It really puts you in the Christmas spirit being able to help someone out.”


Working with their Design Firm ocreations and PR Agency Carrie On Communication the story was picked up by various local news stations. WTAE Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 was at the Monongahela home during the install and covered the story on their channel.

WATCH THE VIDEO and read the full WTAE story here.

WTAE Video Furnace to Local Vet

Image source – screenshot from video embedded on this page: https://www.wtae.com/article/i-cant-explain-what-this-means-to-me-local-army-veteran-receives-new-furnace-as-a-gift/34945408

Battle said, “I can’t explain what this means to me. What my kids have been through in the last few years. It’s a lot.”

Battle also said he plans to partake in the spirit of the holidays and pay it forward and give to others.

Owner Anthony Passatore gave Battle and his children t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts during the install. Passatore and his wife also went back to Battle’s home two days after the install to meet with the family again, make sure the furnace was keeping their home warm, and gave the children gifts from their Christmas wish lists.


The story got amazing local coverage and responses:

“…God Bless you – I just read an article, on Breitbart, about your company helping out a Veteran with his furnace – Thank you for doing this, and thank you for setting a wonderful example this time of year….God Bless you”
– Kathleen

“Thank you for what you did for the veteran! Best story of all in this awful year.. Bless you”
– Donna

“I am so blessed to have a stable job. Your kindness has made me a future client! May God bless you…”
– Patricia

“We were always pleased to have you for service, but very pleased tonight to hear you provided a furnace to a family in need.”
– Jim and Mary


Not only did this story make local news, people around the world began reaching out to J&A – even as far as New Zealand! Check out some of the responses J&A received in the days after the install:

“I live in Charleston, South Carolina, but I saw the story on your donation of a furnace and the installation to a Veteran in your community. I wanted to take time to reach out and say thank you. Great job. All the best to you and your team at J and A.”
– Herb

“I saw the local news story where you helped out a veteran with no furnace in PA. I don’t live anywhere near you all but it was a great story and what this country is about. I just wanted to say I really appreciate companies, people, like you. Thank you so much and may God bless your business!”

“Thank you very much for the gift you gave that Vet and his children. I am a New Zealander and I heard about it on a YouTube show called BCPToday. I don’t even know where you are, I will look up now, good luck to you and your business forever.”
– Paul

J&A takes pride in its commitment to community and community service. Despite the pandemic and all the challenges 2020 has presented to each and every one of us, J&A still found a way to give back to a family in need, and just in time for the holidays.

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