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Air Conditioner Replacements and Phasing out HCFC Refrigerants

"Refrigerants" are what make air conditioning and refrigeration possible, which, as we all know, contribute enormously to our quality of life. But, do you know what it is or why it is going away? Put simply, R-22 is damaging to the environment. Please, continue to read to find out how you can help to eliminate this ozone-depleting substance.

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Why Install a UV Light in the HVAC System?

UV light’s ability to kill pathogens in water and air has been scientifically proven throughout the years. These amazing UV systems have been used in hospitals as far back as the 1930s to reduce the spread of diseases such as measles and tuberculosis. Read more to find out why UV light is so effective, and how it is used to improve indoor air quality for residential HVAC systems!

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Your HVAC System Can Help Reduce Allergens

Spring and early summer is a wonderful time of year! Cold weather is finally fading and the grass, flowers, and trees are all in bloom again. But, allergens that come with this time of year can be a nightmare. Itchy, watery eyes, congestion, and coughing can keep you up all night and make your day miserable. Your HVAC can help keep seasonal allergens and pollutants at bay!

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Benefits of Our Premier Maintenance Program

Do you know where the emergency water shut-off valve is located in your home? Is your water heater running efficiently? Is your A/C operating at its peak? This is only the beginning of a long list of questions most homeowners should be able to answer, but the reality is most of us don’t have the time or energy to become experts in home plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. That’s why our Premier Maintenance Program was created specifically with homeowners in mind!

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Spring Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

Aside from being one of the most significant investments in your home, the HVAC system helps ensure your in-home comfort, so you really need to keep it in great working condition. Changing the air filters, checking the ductwork and cleaning your outdoor unit are all great maintenance tips you can perform yourself, but to really ensure your HVAC system is ready for the spring and summer months, it’s always important to have your HVAC maintenance done by a professional who can take a more in-depth look at your system.

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There’s Something About that Hot Water Heater

Water heaters are one of the appliances that aren’t thought about until someone turns on the shower or faucet and there’s no hot water. Although most water heaters can run for at least a decade, if not two, they can only do so when they receive regular maintenance and inspections. That’s why you shouldn’t wait until you no longer have hot water to start thinking about your water heater. Start a maintenance and inspection routine right now.

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Easy Ways to Save Water in Your Home

We Can All Pitch in to Conserve Water Resources! Whether you’re ready to cut back on your time in the shower, use your garbage disposal less, install a water-efficient showerhead or a new energy-efficient dishwasher, there is an abundance of both big and small ways that you can conserve water around the home. Even a couple of small changes can add up to hundreds of gallons in water savings each year.

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February 18th is National Battery Day

Where would we be without the humble battery? Take a moment to think about how different the world around you might be without the invention of the battery. In modern society, portable power isn’t something we think about every day because it’s so easily accessible. It’s incredible to think about how much we rely on this simple form of energy for our everyday lives.

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