1602, 2019

February 18th is National Battery Day

Where would we be without the humble battery? Take a moment to think about how different the world around you might be without the invention of the battery. In modern society, portable power isn’t something we think about every day because it’s so easily accessible. It’s incredible to think about how much we rely on this simple form of energy for our everyday lives.

3001, 2019

How to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

When the icy winds of winter descend upon us, cranking up your furnace is only half the battle when it comes to keeping up comfy lodgings. You also need to keep that heating system running as efficiently as possible and track down any concealed vulnerable points in your home that let the cold sneak in. Let’s take a brief look at some tips to help keep your home as comfortable as possible. You’ll likely save a few bucks on your heating bill, too.

1001, 2019

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Home’s Electrical System

Have you already made your New Year’s resolutions? Well, J&A South Park would like to add a couple more to your list. This year, we are including home electrical resolutions – to help ensure both a safe and energy-efficient New Year. In addition to eating healthier, exercising more and losing a few unwanted pounds, you might want to consider adding these electrical improvements to your list of New Year resolutions.

3112, 2018

Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter

How do you know if a pipe is frozen? The most common indicator of a frozen pipe is that a faucet will not flow or a toilet will not flush, but pipes can be frozen without these symptoms. If you have a pipe that freezes, proceed carefully because it’s actually when a pipe thaws that it usually bursts.

1912, 2018

J&A Announces Winner of Free Trane Furnace

J&A Announces Winner of Free Trane Furnace “No one should have to worry about how they are going to stay warm over the winter,” says Anthony Passatore, founder and owner of J&A South Park. [...]

1212, 2018

Tips for Home Safety and Safety Devices

Your home is your castle! Home safety and security devices are top priority! Keeping it safe and secure is imperative for homeowners. Whether you own your home or rent one, home is home, and you [...]

2911, 2018

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Perhaps you’re entertaining guests, maybe decorating your home, or finishing up some Christmas gift shopping. Whatever the occasion, it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit. Holiday decorating, including lights, trees, and wreaths, can help put your household in the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, the winter holidays are also a prime time for residential fires triggered by an upsurge in the energy consumed to power your lighting displays and Christmas trees, as well as the energy spent to prepare holiday feasts and entertain family and friends in your home....

1111, 2018

Easy Fall Steps to Prepare Plumbing for Winter

Chilly temperatures in fall should serve as a reminder of the harsher winter months ahead, so make sure to keep up with your house’s plumbing basics, so you’re well prepared for any would-be problems associated with freezing temperatures. Follow our, Easy Fall Steps to Prepare Plumbing for Winter, and preserve your home's plumbing this year!

3010, 2018

Innovative Smart Home Technology that will Make Your Life Easier

Smart technology for the home has everyone talking. Homeowners now have more control than ever before over the systems and features in their home. And these technologies can be built into nearly every aspect of the home. Interested in learning more about smart home technology? We have some great tips on innovative smart home technology that will make your life easier! ...

1510, 2018

How Plumbing Eradicated Disease, Not Vaccines | J&A South Park

Plumbers are truly the unsung heroes in the fight against disease eradication. Vaccines get all the glory, but most plumbers will gladly inform you that it was water infrastructure –modern sewage systems and clean water – that eradicated disease, and they’re right!

2809, 2018

The History of Plumbing | J&A South Park

Imagine what life would be like without a modern plumbing system. How could we cope without running water or flushing toilets? Water is the most essential nutrient for life on earth. It literally forms the foundation of a healthy diet and our modern-day standard of living. The world today with its large, high-density population could not maintain life as we know without a modern plumbing system that delivers clean, wholesome drinking water and sewage systems that remove the contaminated used water...

1409, 2018

New Home Checklist

New Home Checklist You’ve Just Moved to Your New House. Not to Worry! So, your move to your new home in your new neighborhood has reached its final phase. You find yourself at the [...]

3108, 2018

Electrical Checklist: Quality Control for Your Workplace

Electrical Checklist: Quality Control for Your Workplace Electrical Hazards Can Be Averted if Quality Assurance Is Asserted Today, we are going to contend that it’s important to include identifying the risks associated with electrical [...]

1607, 2018

Avoiding Summer Electrical Issues

Avoiding Summer Electrical Issues The Heat Goes On Ah, yes, the summer season is upon us. It’s time for swimming, boating and, of course, firing up the bar-be-que. However, as we kick back and [...]

3006, 2018

Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Common Summer Plumbing Problems. Summer Is Here. Is Your Plumbing Ready? Let’s face it. Summer is for fun – travel, entertaining, backyard bar-be-ques, swimming, fun in the sun, relaxing and recharging for the busy [...]

1106, 2018

J&A South Park Wins the Trane Pacesetter Award!

J&A South Park Wins the Trane Pacesetter Award! J&A South Park is proud to announce that we have been named a winner of the Pacesetter Award by Trane, Inc., a leading manufacturer of heating, [...]

1304, 2018

J&A South Park’s 25th Anniversary!

Cheers to 25 Years of Excellence . . . Quite a lot happens in 25 years! Just think, you couldn’t take a “selfie” 25 years ago. Nor could you “Uber” a ride, “tweet” your [...]